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Every day, our experts tease out the stories our collection is waiting to tell. These discoveries are shared with visitors thanks to a team of curators, educators, conservators, and other specialists whose work is supported by the Annual Fund. Your gift will make a difference. Please give to the Annual Fund.

For the first time in over forty years, we are renovating and reinstalling our Chinese galleries. Our curators are currently exploring how to tell the objects’ stories in exciting and innovative ways. When we reopen the galleries in early 2019, you’ll see the art of China in a whole new light.

And in 2020, when we complete our Frank Gehry–designed renovations, we will have comprehensively revitalized the entire building for the first time in nearly a century. We plan to fill our new spaces with more art and more art-inspired programs. These extraordinary efforts require numerous collaborations and intensive staff work, which you’ll help make possible with a gift to the Annual Fund.

Whether it’s a curatorial discovery, a conservation success, an innovative app, or an educational program, the Annual Fund supports the collection and the visitor experience.

Please make a gift to the Annual Fund today to preserve one of Philadelphia’s most definitive cultural resources. More than twenty percent of the Museum’s operations are supported by membership revenue and additional contributions to our Annual Fund.

You can help us ensure that everyone has the opportunity to enjoy the powerful stories art has to tell. Your fully tax-deductible gift to the Annual Fund, in any amount, impacts our work. Thank you for your continued support.

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